Crop the Right Way

Use the Crop Tool to crop, straighten and rotate your images.

The Assistant Viewer

Learn 3 cool ways to use the assistant viewer.

Catalog Free Smart Library

Add a Custom Watermark

See how to create and add a custom watermark to your photos.

External Editors

Using the Sharpen Tool

Luminosity Masks and Blending Modes

Master the Patch Tool

Remove distracting objects and complete missing textures using the Patch tool

Sync and Backup

Syncing your photos for backup and collaborative editing

Best practice for exporting photos

Sharing your work or transfer photos to external editors

Making Top-Notch Landscape Photos

Learn how to capture and edit landscape scenes with challenging brightness conditions.

Tips and tricks to make your portraits pop

Find out the most useful tools for editing every portrait.

Getting Started

Make your first steps: import, edit and export.

Picktorial Feature List

Detailed feature list

Camera Profiles

Get the right colors from your camera


Get answers to frequently asked quesions

Supported Cameras

Picktorial supports more than 200 popular cameras. Find yours.

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

Get more productive by using your keyboard.

Picktorial for Photos

Running Picktorial as macOS Photos extension

Best Photos of 2018

Meet Orna Naor

"I hate Instagram filters"

Meet Martijn Kort

"I can watch those images for hours!"

Meet Christian Hoiberg

"Just the thought of that motivates me to keep going!"