Picktorial - Master the Patch Tool

Master the Patch Tool

The Patch tool in Picktorial lets you repair specific regions in your photos by replacing them with different regions of the same image. When blending a source patch into a target region, Picktorial can automatically adjust the brightness of the source patch to the surrounding of the target region. You can control the amount of this automatic correction as well as the opacity and the feather of the patch.

Using the Patch Tool

  1. Activate the Patch tool
    • To activate the patch tool click on the Patch tool icon or title under the Retouch section.
  2. Create a first Patch
    • To define a circular region, click once at the center of the target region, then drag the source circle where the pixels will be cloned from.
    • To define a free form region, click and drag to paint over the part of the image to retouch. Then move the mouse to designate the source region and click once to approve.
    • You can change the brush size by scrolling the mouse wheel over the image, or using the bracket keys on your keyboard.
    • To zoom in/out or navigate while the Patch tool is selected, hold the Command key and scroll or drag over the image.
  3. Create another Patch:
    • To define a new Patch, click the + button near the Patch tool title at the left sidebar. Then repeat step 2.
  4. Edit an existing Patch:
    • To select a patch you previously created, press Control to display all existing patches and click the patch you want to select.
    • To move the source of an existing Patch, drag the source to a new place.
    • To extend an existing region after you defined a source, hold the Shift key and start painting from inside the target region.
    • To change the size of circular Patch, drag its boundaries.
    • You can change the Patch properties (Feather, Opacity and the level of Healing) by using the sliders under the Patch tool title. If no Patch is selected, these sliders will affect the next Patch you create.
  5. To Delete an existing Patch:
    • Select the Patch you want to delete and press the Delete key on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can right-click on the patch and select Delete from the context menu.

Here is a cool tip on how to use the Patch tool to remove glare from a photo taken behind a glass and build the missing texture details:

As always, we would love to recieve your feedback and questions by commenting below or via email: support@picktorial.com