Picktorial - Picktorial for Photos

Picktorial for Photos

One of the most popular requests we received after the release of Picktorial 1.0 was to make Picktorial available as an extension for macOS Photos.

For years, Apple distinguished between beginners and pro users, with iPhoto aimed at the former and Aperture - now discontinued - featuring more powerful tools, for the latter.

Now Apple is attempting to put everyone together on the same stage. Photographers of all levels can use Photos for organization and iCloud for file-syncing. Pro-level tools are left for third party extensions that aim to bring professional-grade tools to all users.

Picktorial for Photos is pleased to do just that, bridging the gap between Apple’s new platform and the desire to have a more precise control in image editing. macOS Photos can serve as home for your photos, for creating albums, and syncing via iCloud.

Picktorial can work as an editing-extension for Photos, providing the tools you need to precisely edit your photos, with the familiar ease-of-use of the Mac platform. In Picktorial, you will find tools like curves, adjustment brushes, radial and linear gradients, retouching tools and more, together with RAW support and blazing fast performance.

Picktorial for Photos operates in a fully non-destructive manner, meaning you can always continue a session or modify any adjustment even after restarting Photos, without any loss of quality.

To set up Picktorial for Photos:

  1. Install Picktorial in your Applications folder (this is the default when you install from the Mac App Store) and open the standalone version at least once.
  2. Open System Preferences on your Mac.
  3. Click Extensions.
  4. Click Photos in the left sidebar. (If Picktorial is not there - try to restart your Mac).
  5. Click the checkbox to enable Picktorial.

To use Picktorial as a Photos extension:

  1. In the Photos app, double-click a photo in the library to open it in a single view, then click Edit.
  2. Click Extensions. You can find it at the bottom of the Photos editing tools, on the right-hand side of the window.
  3. Choose Picktorial from the menu.

Note that Photos extensions require macOS 11 or later. If you run an earlier version of macOS, you can upgrade for free from the Mac App Store.


If you can't find Picktorial in the extensions list above, please follow these steps to re-install Picktorial:

  1. Download AppCleaner from here.
  2. Don’t launch Picktorial before restarting Mac. Here’s how to install Picktorial:
    • Locate the installer (Picktorial.dmg).
    • Double-click to launch the installer and begin the installation process.
    • Click and hold on the Picktorial icon and drag it into the Applications folder.
    • Wait until Picktorial is copied into the Applications folder.
    • Unmount the disk image (Picktorial.dmg).
  3. When you restart your Mac make sure that “Reopen windows when logging back in” is not marked. This ensures that all previous errors are erased from memory.
  4. After restart, find Picktorial in Applications folder, launch it from there, and if prompted - enter your Mac password.
  5. Load some image into Picktorial and check Extensions after.

As always, we would love to recieve your feedback and questions by commenting below or via email: support@picktorial.com